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Everyone knows how crucial calendars are in our personal as well as in our professional life.
Need to check the date?
Set up a meeting?
Specify dates for important events?


Used technologies:
Our company recommends high quality foliated calendars in the form of plastic cards. Calendars can also be used as part of any competition as we can cover the prize amount or any prize information with special paint. Calendars are packed in protective foil bags.
– varnished paper 300g
– varnished PVC (0.31mm)
– laminated PVC (0.36, 0.54, 0.76mm)
In addition to calendar functionalities, the cards can fulfill discount features, as well as the possibility of a competition scratch card.
In fact, what is on the other side of the calendar may be up to the creativity of the ordering person. We make every effort to ensure that each client will feel satisfied.

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