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In our offer you will find a range of laminated plastic cards.:
  • magnetic discount cards
  • magnetic hotel cards
  • plastic cards for magnetic locks
  • magnetic cards for restaurants and food processing services
  • plastic loyalty cards
  • gift cards
  • teacher’s service cards
  • plastic cards with a cold laminate (with a foil protecting photos or manually entered data)
  • plastic cards with glossy, matt or convex (swelling) varnish
  • telephone cards
  • plastic and paper cards
  • contact and proximity plastic electronic cards
  • plastic chip cards
  • memory cards
  • plastic proximity cards in standard versions (Unique, Mifare and others)
  • plastic library cards and cards for libraries
  • loyal reader plastic cards
  • pharmacy and health clinic patient cards
  • matt cards
  • transparent cards (fully or partially)
  • family cards
  • plastic ID cards
  • barcode cards
  • access cards
  • radio cards
  • plastic cards with stripes absorbing ink for signature or manual entry
  • security holograms
  • plastic cards with a protective scratch off
  • plastic teacher cards
  • triple cards with key rings
  • key ring cards
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Christmas is coming and this is the time when we look for ways to make unique and interesting gifts. However, we do not always manage to find the perfect gift for our loved ones.
The card can have a simple image, but also be very visually attractive, serve as a cute gadget right away.
In such situations, GIFT CARDS that provide services to purchase the dream item, or the perfect gift, work well.

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to school

September is the time when we start thinking about going back to school year duties.
Support is then exceptionally needed and that is why local authorities encourage the use of #largefamilycards. It offers the possibility of receiving discounts in many places and allows you to reduce the costs of school starter kits and educational trips.
We on the other hand, invite local authorities to work with us – we have proven solutions for creating an attractive BIG FAMILY CARD and its implementation. The card can also have a non-standard appearance in the form of a main card and small #key rings for family members..

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RFiD proximity cards

But what if all you had to do was to come and have the product ready?

Well, not everything can be done like this but you can definitely quickly enter any club, read discounts, charge additional loyalty points without taking out the card.
The proximity module embedded in a plastic card is a very convenient tool for communicating with programmes. Easy and durable – without contact with the reader, it is not exposed to damage.
The most popular modules are Unique and Mifare. The first one is cheaper and the other can be programmed according to the needs of the loyalty or access system.

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Library cards

A library card doesn’t have to be traditionally associated with the image of shelves and books.
A library card can be traditionally associated with the image of shelves and books but it can also be designed in a modern way, and therefore, can refer to the latest trends in presenting products:
-limited colour palette,
– geometric shapes,
– most important data,
– image consistency (also with other elements of the image).

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Gift cards

In the near future, there will be many opportunities to give all kinds of gifts. For those who don’t know what to choose as the best gift, a gift card will come in handy.
Gift cards allow you to choose exactly what you want.
They can be simple but at the same time also very attractive and even be used as gadgets:
High value gift cards can be secured with a hologram to ensure transaction security. Our gift cards can be packed in an attractive case or in an envelope, which makes the gift complete ,and therefore, you don’t have to look for any additional packaging.

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Hot summer!

Finally, what if there is a hot summer. When summer heat comes so do outdoor activities. We produce cards for active and less active individuals.
Cards for sports clubs at great prices.

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PVC card recycling

Recycling of polyvinyl chloride will soon become obligatory. However, in order to implement this effectively, it’s worth to know several factors related to this issue.
Polyvinyl chloride, or in other words PVC, is an oil-salt based plastic. Since chlorine is a major part of its mass, producing a certain amount of PVC requires much less crude oil than producing the same amount of many other polymers.
PVC is a thermoplastic material, which means that when heated to a certain temperature it can be mixed, and when cooled it hardens again. The material is used to manufacture products that are used for long periods, even over 60 years. Besides its longevity, PVC is perfectly recyclable after use.

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Family cards

Our family card is a product which combines a large standard card with two key rings which you can break off. It creates a tripart set for family members who can collect points together on one account.
Together, family members can collect points and gain profits faster. For the card issuer it insures a flow of new customers because each family will have the incentive to benefit from store and service points offers.
The biggest advantage of this solution is having a miniature card – a key ring. It is one-third the size of a standard card. You can easily attach it to a key or a lanyard and always have it with you. It’s a small, nice, advertising gadget
It doesn’t take up space in your wallet or purse, so it’s with you whenever you need.
Family card accessories:  
  • the same bar code for the whole set (one customer account)
  • variable bar code for each use of the card (different accounts)
  • signature strip which absorbs ink (saves the card owner’s details or used for signing)
  • metallisation
  • metallic and pearly bed for a selected group of prestige customers
  • holes so you can attach the card
  • key rings
  • multi-colour graphic prints (CMYK, Pantone)

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Our offer

The company’s offer includes the following types of laminated plastic cards:
magnetic discount cards, hotel magnetic cards, plastic cards for magnetic locks, magnetic cards for restaurants and for food industry, plastic loyalty cards, gift cards, plastic and paper telephone cards, plastic contact and contactless electronic cards, plastic cards, chip cards, plastic memory cards, proximity cards in standard Unique versions, …

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Perfect conference ID cards

Spring is the perfect time for conferences and training. And the perfect ID is a plastic card.
It is durable, aesthetic and works even during several day meetings. It can be personalised with the participants’ data and even their photo. The implementation time from the moment the participant is registered is short, so you do not need to know the list of participants well in advance.

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Using plastic calendars

Holidays and the beginning of the year are a good time to prepare for your own #company calendar. A nice gadget in the form of a plastic card – a calendar with the company’s image or advertisement is a good medium that also has utility value.
It is especially worth thinking about in connection with continual new market situations, including #trade-free-Sundays, which can be perfectly displayed on such a calendar. A durable medium, which is a #plastic #card, will be perfect for the entire calendar year.
We are confident that you will not be disappointed in our products.

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Gift cards

Christmas time is approaching and it’s usual to look for interesting and exceptional gifts for our loved ones. In a situation like this we would highly recommend this option, as gift cards provide the possibility to choose an ideal product or service.
Gift cards can be simple but at the same time also very attractive.
Gift card accessories: – metallic or pearl bed – gold or silver foil metallisation – matt surfaces – decorative or convex varnishes – completely, partially or selectively transparent bed
High value gift cards can be secured with a hologram to ensure transaction security.
Our gift cards can be packed in an attractive case or in an envelope, which makes the gift complete , and therefore, you don’t have to look for any additional packaging.

Due to the limited time remaining to order, we strongly encourage you to contact our sales department as soon as possible. Customers ordering gift cards before the end of November, are offered up to a 10% discount.

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