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Family cards with key rings

Our family card is a product which combines a large standard card with two key rings which you can break off. It creates a tripartite set for family members who can collect points together on one account. Together, family members can collect points and gain profits faster.
For the card issuer it insures a flow of new customers because each family will have the incentive to benefit from store and service points offers.

Family cards with key rings

Family card accessories:

The biggest advantage of this solution is having a miniature card – a key ring. It is one-third the size of a standard card. You can easily attach it to a key or a lanyard and always have it with you. It’s a small, nice, advertising gadget. It doesn’t take up space in your wallet or purse, so it’s with you whenever you need.
– the same bar code for the whole set (one customer account)
– variable bar code for each use of the card (different accounts)
– signature strip which absorbs ink (saves the card owner’s details or used for signing)
– metallisation, metallic and pearly bed for a selected group of prestige customers
– holes so you can attach the card
– multi-colour graphic prints (CMYK, Pantone)

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