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W1 badge cases

This is a hard, semi-translucent plastic case. Possibility of vertical and horizontal orientation of cards. Possibility to hook. Logo embossing.

W8 badge cases

Transparent polypropylene hard case. Vertical and horizontal card orientation. Possibility to hook.

W10 badge cases

Semi-hard case made from translucent polypropylene. Horizontal orientation of the card. Textile tape, 5 mm wide and about 90cm long.
Tape in two colors – black and blue.

Textile lanyard

This is a badge lanyard. It has a metal or plastic snap ring. Straps available in various thicknesses and colors. The lanyard may have a clasp that allows it to be easily made into a key ring.

Metal clip

Metal clips are embedded on an elastic strap made of transparent material and fastened with a metal clasp.

W2 badge cases

Flexible plastic. Cards are inserted from the top. Possibility to attach to a lanyard. Landscape orientation. Available in various colors, it is also transparent. Logo printing possible.

W4 magnetic card case

Flexible plastic. Cards are inserted from the top. Available in a variety of colours. Logo printing possible

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